Inverted nipples causing pain since my Breast Augmentation, will they go back to the way they were before? (photo)

I've alway had inverted nipples and have never had a problem with them, since my breast augmentation 2 weeks ago my left nipple now comes out when I take my post op bra off to shower, but my right nipple hardens and stays inverted to the point that its painful and I hate the way my nipples looks now. Will they go back to the way they were once my boobs settle, is there anything I can do with the nipple pain other than taping my nipple down, thanks.

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Breast implants and nipple inversion

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It is very common for inverted nipples to evert after breast augmentation because of stimulation from the implant of the nerves and swelling. Some patients require procedures to fix the inversion. Chances are the pain and sensitivity will resolve over the next few weeks. Aloecort may help with the swelling on your nipples or plain 1% cortisone cream applied several times a day to the nipple and areola. Silicone round sheets can be applied to the nipples to decrease their sensitivity. See your plastic surgeon for his best advise, Good luck… 

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