Will insurance cover a breast lift?

I'm an 18 year old Australian with mild sagging (due to weight loss) which I'm very self conscious about. My breasts are size 10E. I've suffered from back pain since I was young and it became very severe last November, so it seems likely to me that a breast reduction would be covered, however I like having aesthetically large breasts and would not want them reduced too much. Would it be possible to either have a reduction that only reduces 1/2 cup sizes? Could a breast lift achieve this?

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Breast reduction

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The short answer is yes insurance will cover a breast reduction in Australia especially if you are an E cup.You can decide how small you wish to go with your surgeon, but 1/2-1cup should be fine.I hope this helps and good luck.cheers

Breast lift and insurance

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I do not know what it is like in Australia, but in the US, insurance will not cover a breast lift as it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Hi.  A breast lift is only covered if your breasts have a certain amount of sag and if you have had a child that is less than 7 years of age.  A breast reduction sounds like it would be more appropriate for you and whilst a 1/2 a cup size reduction would not be appropriate, 1-2 cup size would probably be ok to attract an item number.You can read more below.RegardsDamien

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Insurance covered breast lift

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Thank you for your question. Although I am not sure how Insurance plans work in Australia, in general in order for a breast reduction to be covered by insurance, there will be a minimum amount necessary to be removed to qualify. This will vary by insurance company, but usually it is at least 500 g. Although you did not provide any photos,  a reduction of only 1/2 cup size would unlikely be covered. It sounds like what you are desiring is more likely a breast lift with a very small reduction. Your best step is to meet with a board certified surgeon who you and discuss your concerns. Best regards.

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