Do I have an inverted v and polly beak? Can it be fixed? Please help. (photos)

please help. I had revision rhino 3 months ago with repeat osteotomy and spreader grafts. Originally had right side inverted v therefore had revision. My nose looks terrible. There is a big dent in the right bridge and now on the left too. The lump under the dent feels cartilagenous on the right and not just swelling. My surgeon denies there is a problem and is no longer replying to emails. I wonder if the nasal bones are too wide? what shall i do, i am devastated. Taping makes no difference.

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Postop disappointment

Obviously you'll be waiting a while (I'm thinking another 9 months minimum) before making any decisions or judgements about the success or otherwise of your revision procedure. Best advice I can give you is put this issue in your life to one side for those 9 months and then give it your undivided attention when it comes due. This can be pretty tough to do, and it may help you to discuss it face to face with your surgeon. Emails really aren't much chop. Good luck.

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