Are my incisions recovering ok? I had my BA 22 days ago and this is what my incisions look like now. (photos)

I was wondering whether my Surgeron did a nice job. I think my right side is a bit sticking out. Will they become flatter and smoother with time? And I bought scar heal creme and silicone sheeting, but how and when should I use them to achieve the best outcome?

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Needs some time

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These will flatten and heal with time.
They should look great over time.
Silicone sheets work via direct application to the scar.
Not sure which cream you have.

22 Days Post Op

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22 days post op is still relatively early. We expect the drop & fluff process to take between 2-6 months. In that time you can expect a softening and shifting of implants into a more natural shape. I recommend that you follow up with your Plastic Surgeon regarding incision care.

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Are my incisions...........

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22 days after surgery is a very short time in the scheme of surgical recovery. Local massage to your scars will help and your plastic surgeon can show you how to do this.

Patrick Briggs, FRCSI (Plast)
Perth Plastic Surgeon

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