Do you think one of my implants has bottomed out? I am 2 years post op mastoplexy with 330cc implants under muscle. (photos)

Ive been a bit unhappy post op with the amount of lift I achieved and have seen my surgeon to discuss the fact that I would like to tighten/lift my natural tissue a bit more. Happy with implants. He says I have a good result and is reluctant to re operate at this stage which I respected. In the mirror tonight, my right breast looks a lot lower than the left. The crease is lower and the upper pole in the right is less/lower. Do you think my right implant may have bottomed out? Thanks

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Are you bottoming out?

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It's not possible to be accurate via photos without an in-person exam.  However, I'd say there are two possibilities.  1 - the lower side may be bottoming out causing a difference in the level of the fold under the breast.  2 - the higher side may actually be developing capsular contracture.  This might explain the different appearances of the folds and the upper pole fullness.  If the one side is contracting it may feel more firm and the contracting tissues elevates the implant up creating a different fold and more upper fullness.

Both are possibilities.  I'd recommend an evaluation by your surgeon or a second opinion by another board certified plastic surgeon.  Both could require revision and there may even be warranty coverage from the implant manufacturer if capsular contracture is the cause.  Best wishes!!!

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