Have I done something? Has my implant moved out of place?

I got my breast implants a year ago, I have a 6month old and just stop breast feeding, today at work I noticed and unusual bump in my boob, i have been to a doc and he said not mastitis, gotta get a scan In two days, but I'm really worried. It's feels like a large bump all the way down my nipple and the bottom half, if I push on the bump from the top and run my fingers on the bottom bit it goes bump, in, bump.

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Breast bump

Hello, it sounds like you are on the right track by getting proper medical attention including investigations.  A bump that moves in and out might simply be the edge of your breast implant but this can only be determined with a proper examination and possibly studies like ultrasound or MRI.

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Bump in Breast

Hard to give you an opinion without a physical exam, photo or images. Sounds like you are doing the right thing to get a scan and you'll know more soon. Best of Luck. 

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Breast Bump


It could be that where tissue has thinned out you are now feeling a ripple or fold of the implant. Best to have bumps investigated with a physical exam and imaging. 

Take care 

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Have I done something? Has my implant moved out of place?

Hard to answer this without an in person physical exam and the scan results. Glad you are getting a scan soon, best to follow up with your operating surgeon so he or she can look at the results and decide the appropriate treatment/referrals, etc. Good luck!

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