Help! Implant in my right breast is dropping in the corner and my breast is flat on my crease. Why is this happening? (Photo)

Almost 5 months post operation, 450cc over the muscle (Surgeon decided to do overs without my consent and without telling me 4 months after the BA). Started having rippling 5 days post op and when 6 weeks post op was advised by my PS to do deep tissue massage with the rolled towel on the hard service for my right breast 5 min 3 times a day. He said that muscle is holding capsule and capsule is squeezing implant and that's why I have rippling. Please help me with your opinion what's happening. Thank you!!

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Rippling after breast augmentation.

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Visible rippling of your breast implant can be a frustrating problem.  There are several factors which are likely causing you to have this problem.  You are thin, the implant is large, and your implant is placed over the muscle. In addition, it's possible you have a mild contracture which can worsen this problem as the contracture rates with over the muscle augmentations are higher.   You likely have a soft silicone or saline implant which have higher rippling rates as well.  If you would like to improve this, you can transition to a subpectoral implant location and change to a firmer silicone implant (inspira or 410/memoryshape).  Fat grafting can be helpful as well to hide the implant edges if needed. Good luck!

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Rippling with 450cc over the muscle

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hi ,

The issue here will be the tension on the tissue due to the weight of the implant in combination with the thin tissue cover in the upper part of the breast.

In essence the the solution will be to increase the tissue coverage in the rippling area and this may involve fat grafting, or relocating the implant to under the muscle. this may need to be couple with decreasing the size of the implant to allow the tissue a better chance of supporting the weight.

I know this is not exactly what you wanted to hear, and may be unacceptable, which would mean that the rippling is one of the downsides of a large implant in a plane in front of the muscle,  that patients need to accept as part of the result they achieved.

I would suggest seek a formal consultation and opinion and then assess the options.

All the best

Jeremy Hunt

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