I have unders, round 400cc and been suggested by my new surgeon to go overs, bigger and tear drop this time. Should I? (photo)

I had my first B.A when I was 19, I'd say I had pretty normal breast to begin with, Bcup, quite far apart but both same size and decent breast tissue.. I am an active fit person who does lift weights, i do train chest. I have a fit/curvy pyhsic. New surgeon said I have thin skin and so to be recommended to go over the muscle scares me that you will see the implant and look extremely fake. But my current unders seperate really far and look funny when I lift weights and tense. What are my options?

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Under or over?

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The only reason I can think of to switch you to over would be the ability to precisely make a new pocket and maybe place the implants closer together. That will disallow rotation of a shaped implant. There are tradeoffs to this approach in my opinion.  With "thin skin" to cover this more superficially place implant there may be more visibility of edge of implant and/or wrinkling.  Secondly, the over space will have a bigger risk of having capsular retracture. Thirdly, mammography is often easier to see more of the breast tissue with the implant in the under position.  Ask your plastic surgeon about these tradeoffs. 

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