I just read all the info about the different treatments for Vaginal Tightening, would it also improve mild Cysto and Rectocele?

Besides improving stress incontinence, strengthening the vaginal walls?, helping with dryness etx would a treatment like that also improve a mild cysto and rectocele or which of the treatment is best in that case? Juliet laser , Mona Lisa or else? Also, after treatment what about pelvic floor exercise or which devices are recommended to use? Elvie, Kegel 8 seem to have good reviews? Thank you

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It seems that you've read all of the marketing info, but none of the science on vaginal tightening

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Vaginal tightening options include surgery which produces the best and longest lasting results and nonsurgery which produces temporary results that are not as strong and requires repetitive treatments. Nonsurgery does not fix cystocele or rectocele at all. These are the products of deeper damage to the vaginal walls and are treated surgically. Pelvic floor exercises will make your vaginal muscles stronger, but it won't make your vagina tighter of these muscles have been widely separated by childbirth.

Vaginal tightening techniques and improvement of milld Cystocele and Rectocele.

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You definitely have had made an extensive preparation/reading for your potentially upcoming treatment. There are multiple therapies available to tighten the vagina: surgical ( many techniques available) and non-surgical ( laser, radio-frequency and others). It all depends on the extend of a anatomical change, quality of connective tissue as well as symptoms. Generally, surgical vaginal tightening is more effective since the surgeon may have more control over the degree of anatomical correction and with it improvement of symptoms. Both, Cystocele and Rectocele can be surgically treated during the procedure to a desired extend, which ultimately should relieve symptoms related to both. 

Non-surgical therapies can as well improve symptoms associated with Cystocele and Rectocele but to a lesser degree ( based on patients experience ). They may strengthen anatomical structures ( muscles and vaginal mucosa) and improve quality ( texture, moisture) of vaginal walls, which frequently relieves vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence. As far as which non-surgical treatment is the best, no definitive answer can be provided given no randomized controlled studies are available, the patient should be examined/evaluated and everyone has a different response to this type of therapy. MonaLisa Touch seems to be effective for improvement of mild urinary incontinence as well as increase of vaginal walls moisture. During the treatment process, adjustments can made in order to optimize the outcome. In summary, the treatment outcome depends on many factors, including the intrinsic quality of connective tissue, extend of anatomical change, symptoms as well as the technique and settings used.

Hope, this helps to answer some of your questions and concerns.

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Yvonne Wolny MD

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