I still have graft pain after FUE hair transplant on day 9?

i Had 2300 grafts done on my front temple area with FUE procedure and am on day nine now, i still have significant scabbing and i also find that when i press gently but firmly when washing some of the grafts i can feel a slight soreness or irratation, its mild but i would like to know is this normal or a cause for concern?

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If you are having pain after surgery, it is best to contact your doctor. It may or may not be normal. No way to tell from a

If you are having pain after surgery, it is best to contact your doctor.  It may or may not be normal.  No way to tell from a post on the Internet with a physical exam.  Contact your doctor.

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Pain at 9 days

You report pain in your temple area at nine days. There should be no pain at this time so you might go back to your doctor and have it checked out.

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FUE hair transplant

it is very interesting that some doctors market FUE as a non surgical, pain free procedure. FUE is surgical procedure that involves removing skin grafts using pounches. There is more of the donor area involved in harvesting and the donor area being harvested has a large nerve distribution. Any kind of invasive procedure on the skin could cause discomfort and pain. Furthermore, the doctor then needs to make incisions using needles in the recipient area to insert the grafts. This is a very involved surgical procedure and as such will take time to heal. That being said after two weeks usually most people are doe with the scabs and healed in the donor area. If you have concerns, you should see your doctor for a follow up visit. 

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