I had Fraxel done 4 days ago. I hear that some track marks are normal. I'm worried about these patches near my mouth? (photo)

Does this look like i have been burnt by the fraxel? Is this normal healing process. It's more sore around my mouth and my right cheek. I'm worried its burnt me and will scar.I had Fraxel done 4 days ago. I'm worried about these patches near my mouth. Is this normal or does this look like burn? I know I need to be patient but am worried. I'm putting moisturiser on and doing all the post care things. My face is itchy. is this normal healing at this stage? Or does it look like I have been burnt?

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Concerned about infection after laser resurfacing

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I think this is probably a CO2 laser. I'm concerned about the mentioned areas. They look like scabs are forming and this could be infected. I'd see your doctor immediately. 

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Aggressive Fraxel

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The treatment does appear to have been aggressive but it will heal.  Continue moist wound management with antibiotic ointment applied several times per day, absolutely avoid any sun exposure which could lead to darkening, make sure you are on antiviral prophylaxis to prevent a herpetic outbreak.  If available I have had good success with a wound healing ultrasound based device called MIST therapy.

Fraxel Laser and marks

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I am not certain that you had Fraxel and not some other fractionated type laser. I would definitely return to your treating physician for examination to ensure the proper results. Please keep us posted. 

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