I cut my eyelashes, what should I do in order to fully restore evenness, thickness and length?

Unfortunately when I was (14-15) I cut my bottom eye lashes, in particular the ones featured on my left eye. Over time, I have developed this "obsessive behavior" to brush them with a hair comb so that they look natural and relatively even to the right side. However, over the last two years I have become prone to plucking hairs to make them look natural and relatively even. As a result, the growth volume seems to have increased, which results in constant anxiety, making excuses to look at them.

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Cut and lost eyelashes

The only treatment for this is the medication Latisse which works very well to regrow eyelashes. Dermatologists will prescribe this

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Eyelash plucking

This may be a subtype of trichotillomania. It's quite common and there is help for it. See your general practicioner first to discuss the issue. He or she can refer you to people who can help you.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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