Might be having a breast reduction early this Dec, but I have a trip planned for a 15 day hike to Everest Base camp in Apr 2017?

I will be going from a 34G to a 34D or C. I am on a training regime at the moment to prepare myself for the surgery, losing some weight and gaining additional strength for the hike. I am worried that if I have the surgery I won't be fully recovered to travel / walk for 15 days. So my question is, if I have a full 4 months from the day of the surgery to recover to do the hike, will I be ok? The most I will be carrying is a 5-8 kilo day pack.

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Hi. 4 months should be absolutely fine for you to go on the trek and be big enough. 95% of patients in my practice can have a minimal scar breast reduction which reduces the wound healing issues considerably. Regards Damien

Probably OK

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Hello Melanie,
As long as you have no problems healing from your surgery, you should be OK. You should of course review this with your surgeon before your operation. 
Best Regards,
John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Should be enough time, barring complications

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Thanks for your question.  Most patients are on narcotics for no more than a week following a breast reduction, with light activity (limited by energy as much as anything else) for 2 weeks.  If healing well (the most worrisome area is usually the "T" portion of the scar at the bottom middle area, but often heals with conservative care, ointment etc.), then we allow moderate activity (treadmill, bicycling) at 4 weeks, and more strenuous activity  (including jogging) at 6 weeks, as that is when the incisions are generally strong enough.  Meanwhile it is important to support the incisions (with taping) and supportive bras.  The caveat is that swelling may take longer to resolve with earlier activity.  I wouldn't be too worried about your healing at 3+ months (although some swelling may remain), as you sound like a healthy surgical candidate to begin with (and the actual activity planned on your trip will be much easier post-reduction!)  Best of luck!

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