I had bilateral mastectomy on 25 September and scar is now very red. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had two haematoma in left breast which were drained. Last visit Thursday before last they dressed with steritape. Steritape came off on Tuesday. Started applying bio oil and silicone gel. Washing in shower normally with body wash. Can't sleep tonight as scar is starting to look angry red. What should I put on the scar to settle it as I'm concerned about infection ?

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Mastectomy scar redness

This looks like healing inflammation as I don't see signs of cellulitis (infection) in the surrounding tissue. It's still very early on in the healing process- if you have other signs like fever, new pain, or swelling, contact your doctor.

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It could be infection

I would consider that there is possible infection especially if you had two haematomas drained. Definatly get in touch with your plastic surgeon and and take advice regarding antibiotics. 

I have seen the rare situation where the redness was related to the scar management creams so these should be avoided till the redness settles completely. 

As the wound is closed it would do no harm to apply a soothing skin cream like Aloe Vera or vaseline to alleviate discomfort. With a closed wound, application of any antiseptic cream will not offer any additional benefit.

Sanjay Azad, MS, FRCSEd
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