Follow-up Question - Heavy hoods after upper blephroplasy, is this just swelling or will the hooding stay? (photo)

Hi , I have put in a before and now pic I had upper blephroplasy one month ago.

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Blepharoplasty is not the full correction of temporal hooding

  1. Your upper lid surgery has given a good result of your lids proper, ie directly above the eye.
  2. However, the area of persistent fullness is not of the lid proper, but it is  a heaviness of the temple to the outer side of the eye.
  3. This is something  an experienced surgeon would have noticed before the surgery and pointed out to you as this is not something that can be corrected by  a blepharoplasty alone.  Then you would have been informed that additional surgery would be required to correct this temporal hooding.
  4. The additional surgery is either a temporal lift or browlift. 
  5. A temporal lift elevates the position of the outer brow only, whereas a browlift elevates the brows right across the forehed. The browlift can be controlled to lift the outer brow more . 

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Nice result

from your pictures it seems like you have had an effective upper lid blepharoplasty. Certainly the crepey skin has gone. There is little lateral brow fullness and this is probably due to a little brow malposition. This is common and botox can be used under the brow to give you a more wide awake look if your surgeon is happy to try that.Hope that helps. 
Adam Goodwin

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