Am I healing normally at 9.5 weeks post surgery for upper blepharoplasty? Full incisional (Photos)

I have gotten full incisional double eyelid surgery, removing fat/skin and also taking in the inner corners slightly, and it has been 9.5 weeks. I'm worried that my eyes are healing too slow and the crease on the inner corners are forming abnormally. I still experience pain on the inner corners and the scars (a stinging pain) occasionally. Are my eyes still considered swollen? Will my crease look more natural and become lower over time? And are my inner corner creases forming abnormally?

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9.5 weeks post op Asian eyelid surgery

I would say four 9 1/2 weeks postop from Asian blepharoplasty it looks a little bit tight but should continue to relax. You might want to consider some gentle massage of the eyelids and even steroid injections. Follow up closely with your surgeon and see what recommendations they may have. The appearance of the lashes and the white edge of the eyelid should keep relaxing as well. If it's very tight at the inner corners and very firm and tender to the touch at this stage then I would even more strongly consider a steroid  injection.

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2 months post-op Asian blepharoplasty

Your eyelids are still healing and the swelling will go down some more for sure.  You are not unusually swollen and it's pretty typical at this stage to have some residual swelling.  As for the inner corners, you may benefit from steroid injections and daily massaging of the scars.  By 6 months you will have a better idea what the final result would be like and if you need surgical revision to improve the appearance of your inner corners or not.  Hope that helps.

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
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