Should I get hairline lowering surgery?

hi, i'm a 17 year old male. i have an fairly high forehead and am quite embarrassed about the way it looks. my forehead is not receding, it is naturally high. would getting hairline lowering surgery at such a young age have any bad side effects in the future? thanks.

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Lowering young hairline

I have done this type of correction with a one step  procedure on 5 young women between age 16 and 18. So far, all have been happy with the result. They had  to be fully grown, have parental consent (in California)  and have adequate scalp laxity for the amount of hairline lowering  desired. If you are male, this operation or hair transplants should only be done at your age if there are severe psychological concerns. Male pattern hair loss could leave you with a noticeable scar even if it is a fine white line.  

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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High forehead in adolescent male

You have a challenging problem but at your age, your options are limited to use of tissue expanders or hair transplants that may not withstand the test of time as you age.  Costs will be considerable so you really have to ask yourself how badly does this impact you before jumping in.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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