What can I do to make myself look fresher and younger? Feel like my face looks worn? (photo)

I'm 46 years old, and feel like my skin and face needs some rejuvenation - whether it would be a combination of fillers or laser. Could someone give me some advice about what I could do to make myself look fresher and younger? My skin is porous in the T zone. Many thanks in advance

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Good volume

So laser will address the skin quality predominantly which i can't really assess from this picture. You have good facial volume, full lips and good volume in your cheek pads so I think a little cheek volume is probably all you might think about right now. You lower lids look good and there is no sign of tear trough in this picture (although you are slightly smiling which can mask tear trough).

All in all you have a very youthful face for 36 never mind 46. 

Adam Goodwin

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