Fractional CO2 5 days ago with no peeling yet. Will the darkness fade?

. I had a fraxel laser 5 days ago and have had no peeling at all. My skin looks darker all over dryer and more aged. Has it still been effective at a deeper level, will the darkness fade? Should I have put on less moisturiser? Should I get anothe r treatment in a month with a stronger setting? I had little doen time or pain.

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Co2 pigmentation Combination--skin care, lightening, Clear + Brilliant

I recommend following up with your Dr. about after care. A combination approach would be best to improve the hyperpigmentation and results. This can be treated with the proper skin care, skin lightening like hydroquinone, kojic acid, Aerolase and LED with PRP treatments. Please see an expert for options. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Fractional CO2 5 days ago with no peeling yet. Will the darkness fade?

Thanks for your query. Peeling after fractional co2 laser is totally subjective, it does not mean that the procedure is working or not. Apply proper moisturizer and hydrate it well. Observe it for a month if still you don’t feel any difference then you can undergo another sitting with a little higher setting. Hope it helps.

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