Best way to fix my nose?

Hi I cut my nose in half down the middle in a bad accident and now it has a line running through and and a concave in my nasal tip I have had restylane which worked but only for a few days and then I had subscision with fat transfer which didn't work at all, what is the best way to make my nasal tip rounded again a surgeon recommended cartlidge grafting from behind my ear but at $35,000 it is way out of my price

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Hi.  It sounds like you need more than just a scar revision. If the surgeon you saw is talking about a cartilage graft then it can be commonly taken from inside the septum of the nose. $35 K is excessive and a rough guide would be $10-12 000 if you are uninsured and much less if you have private insurance.



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Without a photograph it is impossible to comment on what would be the best management.  If there is no structural damage and the scar is caused by injury to the skin and not injury to the skeleton, bony or cartilaginous, then excision of the scar and meticulous repair is the best management.  If there is damage to the structure of the nose then it must be re-created with cartilage grafting from either the nose, ear, or rib.  I wish I could provide more details however without a photograph that is not possible.

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