Can you fix banana roll from lipo! Looking for new butt implants and fix of banana roll! Will travel for right surgeon.

I have had 220cc butt implants placed to high so I though getting brazillian butt lift would help hide them I had 2 butt lift because I wanted to fix this banana roll created from the first one it's still just as bad how can I fix this area i think if I stood up while getting lipo a better result has anyone fixed this ? Also I want larger butt implants placed u der muscle I have cohesive gel do they feel different to solid? Tryed to contact Stanton no response anyone else good? Who can help

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Banana roll

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The Banana roll after liposuction is due to removing fat from this area and loose skin. More liposuction will make the roll more noticeable. At the time of your implant exchange fat can be grafted to this area. You have an excellent result so far be careful surgery can be unpredictable. Good luck. 

Vero Beach Plastic Surgeon

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