Fear muscle detaching from sternum. Or implant displacement? Implant falls to side, painful. How can this be best fixed? (Photo)

I had BA 10 years ago. 10 weeks post op suddenly got dent along sternum and looked like my muscle released more on one side ... Assymetry when lying down & painful. Ok for 10 years. However had trauma to same breast 1 year ago. Pushed down and out... Possible capsule tear. Implants not ruptured. Though now muscle covering breast very painful and keeps retracting upwards along sternum. Worsening. And pain to my arm and down to wrist... What is it? How can it be best fixed? Pocket too big?

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About Breast Implant Lateral Displacement

During breast implant surgery a #pocket is created carefully to maintain certain folds on the sides and bottom of the breast. Occasionally, the space for the breast implant becomes too large on the #side of the chest or the tissue stretches and the implants fall too much to the side. This is most easily seen when the patient is lying on her back. At times, the implants can move towards the patient’s armpit.

Treatment will generally require closing the space with a procedure called a #capsulorrhaphy. In this case, the capsule is closed off internally much as we do when we are trying to raise the breast fold. The capsule is closed with sutures and at times Acellular Dermis Matrix (#ADM) or other soft tissue substitutes would be used to further support this correction. 
However, it is best to consult with your Plastic Surgeon to better determine with an in-person exam.

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