Following recent fat grafting to the lower cheeks I then purchased Homedics Newa device but wondered if it would undo anything?

'Proven collagen reactivation - Newa is clinically proven to reactivate your skinʼs natural ability to produce collagen. Works by delivering energy 3 layers deep into your skin, reactivating the natural collagen producing process. Nothing else can do this - no cream can reach these cells and fillers and chemicals canʼt achieve this. Newa is powered by 3DEEP Technology, proven to be safe and effective by leading dermatological clinics around the world. And it’s now available for home use.'

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Recent fat grafting to the lower cheeks- Homedics Newa

A recommend that no form of energy or undue pressure be applied to any area that has received fat transfer for at least three months and perhaps longer depending on what source is used. Always check with your surgeon before applying any treatment to a surgical site.

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