Eye not blinking after mid facelift. It's been 14 weeks since op. How long can recovery take? Desperate for answers! (Photo)

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Eyelid not blinking after surgery

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I do not know if you had blepharoplasty and or browlift at the same time.  If it only was a facelift, temporary issues can occur.  I would continue to follow up with my primary doctor.  Ensure that your eye remains moist using drops and or ointment.  Taping the eye at night may be necessary.

If it does not resolve in time and you continue to have issues a small weight may be placed in your eyelid by a Specialist.  This is reversible.

I would be patient, continue to lubricate your eye, and it should resolve.

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Mid-face lift - eye not closing fully after surgery.

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Thank you for asking about your mid-face lift.

  • You should be seeing your surgeon regularly for your nerve recovery to be monitored.
  • You should be protecting you eye with natural tears during the day and using eye gel and taping the eye shut at night to protect it.
  • A nerve to the muscle has been injured - recovery time is not predictable but as long as there is slow improvement, you should have a good recovery.
  • If there is no improvement, you may need some nerve studies to determine the site of the injury.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Eye not blinking after mid face lift

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Hi slinky66,

The inability to close the eye indicates a probable injury to one of the branches of the facial nerve. You should definitely follow up with your surgeon. Hopefully, the nerve will recover on its own, but if not, there are some treatments that can be performed to help the eye close. Be sure to protect the eye with eye drops (throughout the day) and eye lubricant (at night).

Good luck and hang in there!

P. Daniel Ward, MD
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Dear Slinky66

Than you for your question and photo. Please return to your surgeon for follow up.  Did you have BOTOX before surgery?

At some point a nerve conduction study may help.  Any other muscles that are weak? Most nerve injuries recover after face lifting surgery- they can take several months

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

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