Do I have dog ears? 9 weeks post-op (Photo)

Had a TT 9 weeks ago, was advised I didn't need lipo on the flanks. I'm worried my hips are bulgy? And showing signs of dogs ears? Or is this still swelling and scar tissue?

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Dogears 9 wks postop

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Dogears are usually small, occassionally large elevations of skin at the end on an incision that represent a discrepancy between the length of the two edges of skin that are coming together. While they almost always settle with time, the amount can range from weeks to years and often a simple revision in the office is the most straight forward solution.In evaluating your photo, I do not see any dog ears. You have a very mild overhang of your upper skin over your scar laterally that I would 100% attribute to residual swelling at your stage. I anticipate that this will resolve in the coming weeks to months, leaving a great result. Congratulations on your surgery and continue to follow up with your surgeon as instructed. Thanks for your question!

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Too early to judge outcome

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At this point in your recovery, it is much too soon to be worried about the outcome.  It takes time for the swelling to resolve.  It may be 6 months or more before the shape has reached its final look.  Be patient.   Watch your physical activity. Everyone is different.

Dog ears

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It does not appear from the single picture that you have dog ears. It does appear that your surgeon would have better served you by performing a lipo-abdominoplasty, not just an abdominoplasty. You would benefit from liposuction of your abdomen/flanks at some point in the future to achieve your desired result.

Tummy tuck recovery

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I do not think you have "dog ears," or redundant skin at the tail end of the incision. Those are generally very small areas that are easily removed. I think you need to consider liposuction of the flanks. This would really help complete the result. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
Leawood Plastic Surgeon
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Dog ears after tummy tuck

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Take note that the skin will take at least six months to settle and redrape completely to the new contour.  For this reason, most revisions are only considered or attempted after this period. 

Also bear in mind that the postop swelling may conceal the initial results.  So my piece of advice is hang in there and instead focus more on your recovery.

I hope that helps and good luck.

Tarick K. Smiley, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after surgery

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Thank you for your question. You are still very early in the healing process at 9 weeks. It can take sometimes up to 6 months before all your swelling goes away. Stay patient, it appears you are healing very well at this point. Good luck.

Francis Johns, MD
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon
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