Dental bonding? post braces, need some urgent advice.

Okay, so my two front teeth are really tiny. the bottom of them are ridged and very rough and chipped. while a solution could be just to file them down, they are already so short and so small that my whole smile would just look so odd. is dental bonding the only solution? or is there a cheaper, yet proper alternative?

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Dental bonding post Invisalign for front teeth

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From your description of your front teeth, it sounds like there is some wear on the edges.  Since you feel your teeth are too short, smoothing the edges would only shorten them more.  The only options to lengthen your teeth would be direct dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns.  Of the three choices, dental bonding is by far the most cost effective and least invasive.  The only other method to lengthen your teeth would be something removeable(Snap on Smile) that fits over your teeth.  This would not be a permanent solution, and would probably be more expensive than dental bonding.   Cosmetic enhancement of your front teeth will improve your self esteem and  I think you will find it to be a great value!

Composite Veneers ( Direct & Bonded) is my Recommended Dental Bonding treatment

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Hi Julia, this is quite a common tale. It sounds as though there has been a bit of wear and tear and now the edges of your front teeth are chipped and uneven. I would not recommend filing them down as this would only shorten them further. I think direct (bonded) composite veneers / additions would be the most affordable and conservative treatment option. This is perfectly safe and doesn’t require any tooth reduction, unlike porcelain crowns or veneers.

James Malouf, BDS
Brisbane Dentist

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