How can this dent be repaired & why did it not get resolved after revision rhinoplasty, what is causing it? (photos)

I underwent rhinoplasty 2 yrs ago for removal of dorsal hump. I developed an inverted v deformity and right nasal blockage despite spreader grafts. I underwent revision with septoplasty 5 weeks ago with different respected surgeon-osteotomy,spreader grafts and overlay graft. I still have an obvious visible and palpable dent on the right, present at 1 week post op. breathing is good, profile is fine. I understand swelling will resolve over a long time, but dent is getting worse each week.

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Depression after second revision rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty is complex.  The fact that your breathing is better means you accomplished one of your goals.  At one week you are still experiencing some swelling.  OF course time is the right course of action.

Temporarily you may use fillers.  After appropriate time you may benefit from a small onlay graft for cosmetic depression.

Be patient and siscuss these issues with your sugeon.

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