How common is " DRY GRAFTING " during a hair transplant?

Regarding a failed hair transplant ( no growth at all ) I've heard that staff incompetence is the main reason and that dry grafting is the main reason of mishandling the grafts. even if a procedure was performed badly, like high transection rates wouldn't at least SOME of the grafts grow??? Regards

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Avoiding a Failed Hair Transplant

Not exactly sure what you mean by dry grafting, but grafts should be cared for methodically to insure the best results. Transection can result in graft failure. Improper diagnosis of hair loss can also lead to graft failure. Poor results from hair transplant is on the rise as more untrained or unqualified individuals are entering the field of hair restoration because of the plethora of automated FUE devices. Hair restoration should be regarded as a sub-specialty performed only by well trained full time hair restoration doctors. It is unfortunate that we are seeing a lot of botched hair transplants recently. 

Avoiding bad hair transplant results:

1. Find one of the few full time hair restoration doctors (there are less than 100 in the USA).

2. Ask if they are board certified in hair restoration by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS)? This is the only board certification recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

3. Never meet with a sales person trying to sell you a hair transplant (what other practice of medicine uses sales people?).

4. Ask who will perform the surgery? And what steps they do?

5. How long has the doctors team of technicians been together?

6. Do they perform both FUE and FUT? Avoid FUE only clinics. One size does not fit all!

7. How are grafts handled? Use this question to compare part-timers to full-timers.

8. Are they marketing a machine and not the doctors artistic ability?

These are just some of the questions you should think about in doing your research.

Remember, hair restoration and truly great results do not happen by accident. It take years of hard work and dedication by a gifted surgeon and surgical team.

Please share this information with friends and use it for yourself to achieve the results you hope for.

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No one really knows the statistics on failed hair transplants due to the inexperience of the staff.

No one really knows the statistics on failed hair transplants due to the inexperience of the staff.  Dry grafts, high transection, and poor placing techniques all contribute to poor results.  

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Failed hair transplants

Good doctors do not want a failed hair transplant and if you see your doctor,, your doctor should make it 'right'. I would

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DRY GRAFTING " during a hair transplant

yes ,it should be... but you may see the result after 6-7 months at least ..the most outstanding reason for poor growth and ineffectual  hair restoration results is insufficient number of viable graft placement as a result of intra operative  damage of follicular units ( during insertion or high transection rates during harvesting, long time of grafts out of body, dehydratation, poor FU storage conditions like high room temperature and storage fluids etc.)

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