Have choice to do chin implant and lipo or chin implant and mini neck lift (platymasal cut)? (Photo)

I'm 33 , have had two surgeons both suggest either lipo with chin implant or mini neck lift with chin implant- lipo and chin implant is more cost effective but can't guarentee I'd be truly happy... Would love other doctors advise

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Best Surgery for Chin and Neck Improvement

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The best recommendations to improve your chin and neck appearance depend on your needs, desires, and most importantly an examination to determine the best procedure for you. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate you for five main features that will determine your best options for neck line improvement:
  1. Amount of excess fat typically found beneath the chin, and in the upper neck. This requires liposuction with small cannulas or direct removal especially if the fat is beneath the platysma muscle.
  2. Presence of Significant (Platysmal) Banding – this requires bringing the muscles together in the upper/mid neck to a more youthful position and occasionally their release. This procedure is called a platysmaplasty or platysma plication. Mild banding can be treated non- surgically with Botox or Dysport but this requires injections 3-4 times a year for maintenance.
  3. Amount of excess/redundant skin (cutis laxa) and condition of your skin. In advanced stages this is called a Turkey Waddle or Gobble deformity. For example, younger age, darker skin colors and no large weight loss history most likely means there will be better elasticity and therefore better post-surgical contraction. In milder cases if not too much fat is present there will be enough skin shrinkage with just lipo alone. Mild to minimal skin tightening using non-surgical means like the Sciton Laser SkinTyte procedure, Ultherapy or Thermage could also be considered. My personal preference for non-surgical skin tightening of the neck is the Sciton Laser BBL SkinTyte® procedure as there is no down time, more comfortable procdure, is effective and is a more targeted treatment. For redundant upper and mid excess neck skin: I prefer the LiteLift® (lower facelift ) procedure or MACS for skin re-draping for mild to moderate excess skin management as there are minimal scars and the skin is lifted vertically allowing for minimal hidden scars resulting in a natural appearance “non pulled” appearance. However: for moderate to severe skin redundancy , a neck lift or traditional lower facelift (e.g.Lite Lift®, MACS and others) is needed with or without lipo for best results. For advanced Turkey Waddle correction wither a traditional facelift or posterior neck lift often with a platysmaplasty is required with more extensive scars that extend at the hairline behind your ears. The advantage of a facelift procedure rather than a posterior neck lift is that your lower jawline (e.g. jowls and marionette lines) are also improved at the same time.
  4. Chin deficiency. If you have a weak chin then you will not have adequate chin support to your neckline skin which affects your entire neck line. Sometimes especially in younger individuals this is all that is required and this can be done in the office under local anesthesia. There are a number of different sizes and shapes and your plastic surgeon will pick the optimal one for you.
  5. Presence of prominent Digastric Muscles or Submandibular gland fullness from laxity or enlargement. Although not a major concern for most patients, if present then partial resection is usually the best solution.
In summary, picking the most qualified and best plastic surgeon with the most experience in chin and neck improvement is essential to ensuring that you will have a wonderful and lasting result. It is the plastic surgeon’s ability to evaluate both your anatomical features and aesthetic goals to guide you to one or more neck lift procedures to give you the best neck line possible.

Chin Implant

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Hello and thank you for your question. No doubt about it, the chin implant will dramatically improve your profile. If cost is a factor for you at this point, I would suggest just doing the lipo and seeing how it turns out. It won't set you back and will only improve the results of a necklift down the road. Be sure you go with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

Chin Implant and Lipo Vs Chin Implant and Mini Neck Lift

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You are not alone as many women lack a well defined jaw line. There are several options but without seeing in person there is no way to be sure which if any of these is an option. If you lack a strong chin/mandible a chin implant can be very effective. That will improve your bone structure. Lipo vs neck lift are 2 completely different procedures. Lipo is for someone with great skin quality and some excess fat in the neck, while a neck lift is done when there is lose skin and decent amount of the neck tissues. They are not interchangeable. You must be examined to determine the correct choice for you.

Chin Implant Can Improve Jawline; Other Procedures Too

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Your photos are helpful, and it is good that you have two in-person evaluations, because they can evaluate you best.  First, I assume you're not having problems with poor teeth alignment, that would suggest an evaluation by an Oral Surgeon, because corrective jaw surgery could effect your chin and jawline.

The photos show a chin that is small relative to the rest of the facial proportions, and chin implant can be an excellent way to improve this.  Neck liposuction, in a younger individual, can improve definition of the under-chin, jawline, and upper neck areas.  It is typically less expensive than neck tightening.  The latter is more helpful in patients who have relaxed, sagging muscle bands under the chin, or loose skin.  Personal exam is the best way to assess those, but they do not seem to be prominent in the photos.  Best Wishes.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Chin implant and lipo vs. Mini-lift (neck lift)

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Thank you for the pictures and your questions. At 33 years old, I hesitate to recommend a neck lift. This can certainly be done, but it may be more prudent to start with less invasive surgeries. Chin implant placement and neck liposuction is a great way to tighten the neck and improve the jawline. Plus, younger patients generally have more skin elasticity and therefore will get some tightening from the liposuction alone. There are also non-surgical treatments that can offer some assistance. In my practice, I am using ThermiTight as a lower cost and faster recovery option for patients just like you!

Chin implant and lipo or chin implant and mini neck lift?

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I think you would probably obtain a good result with either a chin implant and liposuction of your neck or a chin implant with a mini neck lift.  Since you say the liposuction with chin implant is more cost effective for you, I would recommend going with that.  You could always have a neck lift down the line when you are older, if needed.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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