Chin/neck sagging post reduction genioplasty? (photos)

Hi, I had a reduction genioplasty 3 weeks ago. I'm 26, average weight and haven't had a problem with a double chin/sagging neck before. Following my chin reduction (performed intraorraly) my neck has a weird section of puffiness to it. This was never an issue before. I wanted to know if it's possible that it's just swelling or if it might be something to do win the mentalis muscle drooping? I wore a compression garment for a week as directed.

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Sagging Chin/Neck Skin After Genioplasty

Dear Rachael,

Thank you for your picture.  In my opinion, the area of concern represents swelling.  It should improve in 3-4 weeks.  Continued use of your compression garment (3 more weeks) can help as well.  Keep close follow up with your plastic surgeon.  Best wishes.

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