CHIN IMPLANT - installed then removed : Is my swelling normal? Can I fly home like this? Will my old chin return? (photo)

I've just had a chin implant at yanhee hospital thailand. Immediately after waking up I realised I had made a mistake and they kindly removed it for me the next day. I thought the swelling would go down incrementally day by day, but it hasn't changed at all after 4 days. I can't feel my bottom lip or chin and can hardly talk. I'm on antibiotics, anti-inflams, ice-packs/baths. Will the pocket created for the implant reattach to my jaw?

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Complications after chin implant surgery and removal

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At this stage you simply need to be patient.  Swelling and bruising is usually at its maximum between days 3 and 5 after surgery so its normal to be experiencing swelling and discomfort at this stage.  Numbness its also normal as this stage as nerves have been disturbed during your multiple procedures.  Continue to follow your post operative guidelines and arrange a review with a fully qualified plastic surgeon on your return to Australia. Unfortunately, the old saying, "you get what you pay for" is very true when it comes to "cheap" deals for plastic surgery overseas.  Many people do not consider their options for post operative care when they return home if they are unhappy with the results from surgery overseas or if you return home with complications - this is increasingly common amongst patients who elect to have surgery overseas. 

Swelling after chin implant removal

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It is perfectly normal for you to have swelling 4 days after removal of your chin implant.  It most likely will take 1-2 weeks for most of the swelling to resolve, but it can take a few months for it to go down completely.  It is possible to have numbness as well, and this normally should improve over time.  You should appear as you did before the implant was placed, but it will take more time.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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