Have I caused damage to my implant 12 days post-op?

I have 395cc mentor silicone gel implants tear drop dual plane under muscle internal bra put thru breast crease incision. 12 days post opp i stupidly put on a sports crop bra that doesn't open at the front or the back. A friend helped me pull my arms thru & over my shoulders. i felt like my implants jilted with a pain straight away as i squeezed my chest together to do this. I am worried i have done damage/ pulled a muscle/stitches or even irritated the healing of the pocket. Is this possible?

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Did I damage my breast implants?

Hello Craybay4. Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your recent breast augmentation with excellent breast implants. The sudden upward movement is not likely to have damaged your breast implants. However, the surgery is very recent and perhaps you may have torn the internal capsule and or suture line. I suggest you contact your plastic surgeon and see if they want to do a check up on you. Best, Dr. ALDO

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