What can cause burning in one breast 11 months post op?

Hi, my implants are 11 months old, I have silimed 355cc textured silicone. Everything has been going great but for the past week, only in the late afternoon/night my right breast feels like it has a burning/freezing sensation. It isn't painful, just worrying and my anxiety doesn't make it any better. I have 3 children, my youngest is 2 and is quite a full on lil boy so could it be just the constant use of my right arm with everyday tasks? There has been no change in firmness it shape.Thank you:)

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Sensation changes after breast implants

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Hi KamaS90
You are describing what is common with nerve changes after breast augmentation. Having this issue develop this far down the track is uncommon.
Your best bet is to massage the area that is being affected as this will help break down any scar around the nerves. 
Good Luck
Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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