For breast reductions, is it common for your surgeon to request a mammogram prior to surgery and do you think it is necessary?

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Hi. The australian guidelines for routine mammogram screening is age 50. It is commonplace for surgeons to  recommend having a mammogram 10 years prior to this if you are going to have a reduction. RegardsDamien

Mammogram for Breast Reduction Surgery

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Great question.  I do have my patients of any age obtain a current mammogram anytime there is surgery involving breast tissue (Breast Reduction and Breast Lift).  The current guidelines recommend mammograms for women beginning at age 40 or if there is a family history then screening should earlier than age 40.

Eric Schaffer, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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A mammogram is often required prior to a breast reduction.  There could be a hidden cancer and its treatment would change the approach to your breast reduction.

Mammogram before breast reduction

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Yes it is common practice but it really depends on how old you are.It sounds like your surgeon is being thorough.If you have no family history and are under 40, then no I wouldn't recommend a mammogramIf you are over 50 irrespective of family history it is a good idea to get one. (even if you aren't having a reduction)
The grey area is 40-50 age group with no family history of breast cancer. Judgement call and best to discuss this with your surgeon
I hope this helps and good luck.btw

Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Mammogram before breast surgery

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My personal protocol for any patient interested in elective breast surgery is to have a recent (within 1 year) mammogram if they are 40 years old or older.  If the patient has a family history of breast cancer, I start the preop screening mammogram at 35 years old.  In patients with a strong family breast cancer history, I often recommend preoperative genetic screening for the BRCA gene.  Every surgeon has their own way of doing things, but screening mammograms with breast surgery is definitely a standard practice, and is done for your safety.  Good luck!

Robert Cohen, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, this is very common (and may even be required by your insurance carrier) for women who are 40 years-old and above. I will often order one in younger women prior to surgery if there is any concern or family history of breast disease. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
Leawood Plastic Surgeon
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Mammogram prior to breast reduction surgery?

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Different plastic surgeons may have different “protocols”; in my practice, patients  above a certain age ( 38 to 40 depending on risk factors etc.) are asked to have had a mammogram done, prior to proceeding with breast reduction surgery. Hope this helps.

Breast Reduction

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Hello and Thank you for your question. Depending on your age and risk factors for breast cancer a mammogram may be required for your breast reduction surgery. If there is a strong family history of breast cancer then I would strongly recommend having the mammogram. Best WishesTheodore T. Nyame MD  Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon

Theodore Nyame, MD
Charlotte Physician

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