Breast implants look 'boxy ' (Photos)

I'm nearly 4 months post periareola lift with 390cc textured anatomical implants As you can see in the photo attached , my breasts have Changed shape over the weekd and now look boxy when they used to be more round , they also feel like they are sagging more and not so tight around the Areolas I'm not really happy with the way they are looking right now and much preferred them when they were rounder and tighter . Is there something that can be done or will they change more ?

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Boxy breats?

Thanks for sending through your question

It is very hard to tell from the photos you have sent but  it appears that you are "sagging" again

This is the fundamental problem with periareolar lifts, they don't hold the lift as reliably as an anchor or lollypop scar

Best to chat to your surgeon and see what he/she recommends but usually it will be to convert to a proper lifting procedure

I hope this helps

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Breast implants look 'boxy '

I am sorry to hear about your concerns but you will find that online consultants will not be of much specific help to you. Best to meet with your plastic surgeon and identify exactly what your concerns are, in front of a full-length mirror. Hopefully, working together, you will come up with a plan to improve your outcome if possible. Best wishes.

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