Breast implant & Vaser Hi Def done. Feel huge. How to get rid of the swollen? Any foods to help flush fluid off the body?(photo)

Pictures from before surgery. will post new pics tomorrow, after 1 week Implant 275ml, tear drop shape. Have asked the doctor to use an implant so I don't get big boobs (want more of a lift). the doctor recommended this size and shape. It was fit under the muscle. Hi def done in my abdomen, love handles, arms and knees. now high level of pain, weakness and swollen. I have done it in Thailand. Its been 6 days and I still feel huge and weak. I can't sleep out of pain, cant hardly move

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Post op

It seems you had a lot of surgery being swollen is totally normal as all surgery is trauma to the body and the response of the body is inflammation which leads to swelling

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