How do you suggest I sleep after leaving hospital?

I am having a body lift in Bangkok and have tried to find a place to hire a recliner from and have come to the conclusion it's not going to happen. How do you suggest I sleep after leaving hospital because I need to heal well as I'm having a Breast red/lift and Arm lift 2 weeks latter?

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Body lift abroad - how to recovr

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Thank you for your question about your lower body lift.
  • With all due respect, your plan seems ill-advised.
  • It is too much surgery in too short a time too far from home.
  • You have excellent surgeons in Australia -
  • If you are determined to do this abroad, presumably to save money, any advice should come from the surgeon doing the operation.
  • You MUST have a plastic surgeon willing to see you when you return home because you are likely to need considerable after-care. Expect to pay for this care.
Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Body lift and Post OP

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Hi there and thanks for posting.

You raise some very interesting questions.

Regarding sleeping position after a body lift, there is no perfect position, but I don't think you need a recliner. The reality is for the first few nights after a body lift you are not going to sleep very well. You will need to try a variety of positions: on your side, on your back with some pillows under your knees - whatever works. It may be worth asking your surgeon for his opinion as he may have some specific recommendations depending on his technique.

This raises another much more serious question, which is the issue of overseas surgery and the amount and timing of the surgery you are having. These are relatively big operations, and I am absolutely positive you will get better care here in Australia. Our clinic specialises in patients such as yourself and we have helped literally 100s of patients. The risk of having surgery in a place such as Bangkok, is exactly what you are already highlighting, which is the lack of support you will potentially have if things don't go to plan. I understand that costs may be higher here in Australia, but people tend to overestimate what that may be. And don't be confused, cheap can be expensive. We have seen many patients such as yourself who then need further care and surgery after surgery overseas.

Finally a breast reduction and arm lift, 2 weeks after your body lift is unusual timing. Obviously this is related to your travel, but this would be the worst time to have this operation. I think you either need all of the surgery done together, which may be possible, or defer the second round of surgery at least 6 weeks to allow yourself to heal.

Even if you don't live in Melbourne, I would suggest you at least call my office today and find out the real costs so that you can make a well informed decision.

All the best


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