Blepharoplasty or ptosis correction - What surgery do I need? Should I see another surgeon? (Photo)

My left eye has been left smaller after a sporting accident as a kid, but I think looks better as my right eye looks very tired with a droopy sag in the eyelid. I saw a surgeon and was told I will need ptosis correction in the left eye to match my right but it won't necessarily match and it was likely I would need a 2nd surgery. I told him that I don't like how my right eye looks and why, he replied "looks fine to me". He seemed very confident that it is only the left eye that needs correcting.

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Eye assymetry

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Judging just by your photo it seems to me that what is of

concern to you, is the excess skin of the right upper eyelid.

A plastic or oculoplastic surgeon should be able to determine

how much brow involvement is present and recommend the

best treatment approach according to what is important to you. 

A second opinion may be beneficial. Best wishes.

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