Bad breast aug. Implants never dropped. 11 years on wanting a revision on breast lift procedure with new implants. (Photo)

I had BA. Under the muscle11 years ago however my implants never dropped they remained high.They look nice with a bra on as I have the high pole, but they don't sit nice without a bra very saggy.I would like fullness & not for them to sag a lot when I take my bra off. What is the best lift and implants. I have read of many different lifts. Anchor,lollipop,circumvertical,vertical. & placements Under, over muscle, dual plane I'm 57kg 157cm H. 47 y/o any advice greatly appreciated.

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Helen, do you really need a lift?

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From your photos, my sense is you would obtain a very natural and beautiful result with the correct positioning of your implants. This is a very often performed surgery by plastic surgeons; remove the implant and the capsule, especially the lower portion, release the scar tissue at the bottom of the breast, allow the implant to go to the lower pole BEHIND the nipple areolar complex where it belongs and use a slightly bigger implant. This will rotate the breast up, give you perkiness, remove the upper pole unnatural bulge. At the time of surgery, if it looks like you benefit from a lift, often just periareolar, then that can be done.

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Bad breast aug. Implants never dropped.

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Without examining you it's difficult to give specific advice but in general if there is no specific reason to put the implants above the muscle then its best to keep them below. Your implants are probably still sitting high because they were put in a total submuscular pocket and that should be converted to dual plane. What type of lift you need would depend on the measurements taken during an in person exam. The only way to know for sure is to book a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon near you to see what your options are. Best of luck! 

Mathew A. Plant, MD, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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