I'm aware melasma is not one factor. Generally I'm told it's sun, hormones/progesterone, genetics but what about heat?

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Sun and Melasma versus Heat

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The sun is the single biggest cause of Melasma and best treated with Cosmelan.  Heat can make your broken blood vessels worse and V-Beam often helps this condition.  Best, Dr. Green

Heat and melasma.

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We simplify the process of melasma by stating it is 3 factors only, however it is far more complex. For example, the relationship of thyroid factors, other hormones, and even receptors to blood vessels to the pigment cells play apart. The biggest contributing factor is UV, however heat can produce IR (infrared) radiation that can cause mottled pigmentation as well, - that disorder is called erythema abigne. Well known in the dermatology textbooks. To answer your question, pure heat along will not cause melasma, but may possibly be a contributing factor. Just did a recent search and nothing came up. Any other Dermatologist or Plastics have comments?CheersDr Davin Lim 

Risk factors for melasma

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All of these are factors contributing to melasma. The goal is early treatment to prevent longterm stimulation of the pigment cells. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

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