Asymmetry 2 months post rhinoplasty. Is this the final result?

I have a fair bit of asymmetry 2 months post op of a closed rhinoplasty. I had an infection in one of the incisions in the more swollen nostril. Will this reflect the other side or is this asymmetry the final result

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Thank you for your question. Your nose looks great! Swelling 2 months after your rhinoplasty surgery is normal. Also, given that you had an infection, it will take a little more time for the swelling to dissipate. Give it time and be patient. Continue to see your physician for follow ups to assure proper healing and no further infections.Best of Luck!

Rhinoplasty results at two months, Final?

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Given that it is two months only and that you have an infection, it is unlikely these are your final results.  There is still a high degree of inflammation and thus swelling.  The asymmetry may be caused by more inflammation on the side of the infection.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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