After Voluma I have a malar bag...what is it from and will it go away without treatment? (Photo)

I had 1ml of voluma in each cheek and under eye 10mths ago. Ever since, a fold forms under one of my eyes when I smile. There has been no improvement in this fold over time, but the Voluma is slowly reducing. Also since treatment I've had a soft small painless bag in the area between the lower lid and cheek. I think this bag is causing the crease under my eye by pushing up when I smile. What is this? What can I do to reduce it? If I leave it and opt for no hyalase will the bag go away with time?

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Malar bags

Try massaging the area for a week or two. If the bags are still there after that, have your practitioner inject the enzyme to dissolve the product.

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Voluma and Malar bag

Voluma is a great product for the cheek area and provides an instant lift.  It would be most helpful if you would post your "before" photos as well to see what effect the Voluma had.  I would return to your treating physician since you may need Vitrase injected to that area if it persists.  Voluma generally resolves in about one year depending on how much was injected.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with cosmetic injections.

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