After breast implant deflating I still have animation. Why? (photos)

in 1984 I had augmentation of silicon over 2002 I had reaugmentationof saline under muscle.they were too big so reduced and Dr did split in sternum area Since then bad animation problems. See my post photos 5th November.I have had saline removed in the understanding that the animation issue would resolve. PS said it would not occur anymore. as you can see it has not resolved. has having the split system given me permanent animation deformity? Have I had deflation for nothing?

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Split muscle plane and animation

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I have used the split muscle plane routinely for more than 12 years, and I am not sure based on what I see in the pictures that this is what you had done. It appears that there may have been some muscle release along the sternum, which is not done in the split muscle method. When removing implants because of animation it is important to re-attach it because the animation can persist even without implants. When converting from dual plane to the split muscle plane, the portion of the muscle that goes behind the implant needs to be re-attached.

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