How Soon After BA Surgery Can It Be Revised? Should I Even Be Considering This? (photo)

(Submuscular 275cc Round Textured, 25th June) The practice I went to only used textured implants (I wasn't offered smooth). I now have some rippling on the outer edge of both breasts and I can feel the edge of the implant quite easily. Now that I have started researching smooth vs textured I feel like crying! Is it a stupid idea to want to change them already?? Is that even possible? They look fine and move ok but they are quite firm and I was after a more natural feel. Surely there are others out there happy with their textured implants??!

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Round breast Implants

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Far too early to tell and I certainly wouldn't regret getting textured implants. Textured implants are great. I doubt having a smooth implant will have made much of a difference. 

Have a chat with your surgeon about the exact pocket he/she used, plus also the cohesiveness of the gel implant. 

Rippling can be caused by a number of factors, not just the texture of the implant.


I hope this helps and good luck.


Rippling after BA

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It is much too soon to consider a revision.  It is normal for the breasts to be firm following augmentation and they will typically soften over the first 3-6 months.  You say they look fine so that is the most important thing.  It is not unusual to feel the implants, especially if you are thin with relatively minimal fat and breast tissue.  Even though your implants are submuscular the side and lower part of the implants are typically not covered by the muscle so this would be the normal location where you might feel them more easily.  Speak with your surgeon about your concerns but give the healing process time before you make any judgments about the need for further surgery.

Richard Kofkoff, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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How Soon After BA Surgery Can It Be Revised? Should I Even Be Considering This?

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It is too early as you need to let these heal completely for 4-6 months. I have a feeling that the rippling will not get any better though. I don't know what type of implant but if saline then switch to silicone. Almost all patients can feel their implant somewhere in the breast.

Revision after BA

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 it  is   very   strange to  have   rippling    with a  submuscular implant and more   rare   to  feel  the  edges   of   implant ,    maybe     it  is  located   subglandular   if   you  feel  that . ONE  question  could  be    in  wich  area   of   the  breast  do  you feel   the edges  of  implants  ,    or    if it   is submuscular    .

What I can appreciate  looking   at   this pictures  is that    the  submuscular   pocket   became    smaller  than    the   base   of   the   implant ,  and this   will  need  a  revision  but     it is too  early   to   talk a  revison  at least  you have to   wait   for  6 months .Talk  with   your   PS   and  look   what  is the  best  for you

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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