Accidental rough sex 4 weeks post-op. In pain afterwards; have I done damage to the healing? (Photo)

Last night things got heated and i had intercourse but More rough than i should have. Caught up in the moment he was very into touching the new boobs pushing them 2gether squeezing them and i was obviously bouncing up and down all with no bra on top and on the bottom. No pain at the time until we stopped and today ive had sharp pains and alil aching on the incicion lines. Have i done damage? this was stupid and i regret it. ive called my ps nurse and she said to ice for now. pic taken straight after

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Damage to healing?

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There is nothing obvious on your picture that indicates trouble but I would go and see your plastic surgeon so that you can be evaluated in person. Your pain is likely related to the extra activity and should settle with ice and rest. Good luck!

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Most likely no harm done.

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Given your concerns, nothing will replace in-person evaluation by your plastic surgeon for accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance. Having said that, given that you are four weeks out of surgery, I think that it is MOST LIKELY that no  significant or long-term harm has been done. Best wishes.

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