8 months post Rhinoplasty, internal swelling and persistent lump on side of nose, is this normal or should I be concerned?

I had my nose surgically broken & re-set, a cartilage graft and a deviated septum fixed. I still have a lot of internal swelling inside & a lump on the side of my nose where the cartilage graft was inserted. I also still have a lot of numbness under my nose & on part of my lip. My surgeon has given me 2 steroid injections, they have improved the external swelling but the internal swelling is still quite significant. Does all this sound normal or should I be concerned?

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It depends how long after surgery you are .Some may be swelling up to 12-18 months later - internal ridges lumps can be felt where grafts are placed - if the graft is providing good external shape and stable function then if the ridge can be felt when you feel inside the nostril but not seen then there is no issue with that long term

Swelling on nose persisting after 2 steroid injection

Swelling after a nasal fracture and subsequent reoperation and cartilage grafts will be prolonged.

Steroid injections might help but if no improvement likely should not be repeated.

A thorough reevaluation of the nose including an MRI might be indicated to define your situation and determine what is residual and what if any further surgery might be necessary

Darryl J. Hodgkinson, MD
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