7 days post op closed rhinoplasty: will pinching the tip of your nose affect its final shape?

7 days ago I had a closed rhinoplasty and I am no longer wearing any casts. I noticed my nose looks less pointy as the day before and so I start to pinch the edge of the nose, hoping i can get the shape back. I also noticed that the left side was slightly harder then the right altho they look even (can this be due to uneven swelling?). I pressed on it pretty hard but not too hard as its still pretty swollen. My question is will pinching the tip alter its final shape and make it less defined?

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Massage after rhinoplasty

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Dear shlct, did your doctor advise you to massage or press of your nose? If not it is a mistake. Do not do it. Applying external pressure to the nose after rhinoplasty may have some benefit if it is done legitimately. Otherwise it may cause some unwanted effects (like asymmetries). Please ask your doctor what to do and never touch or twist you nose with the decision of yourself.


Ege Ozgentas M.D.

Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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