6 weeks post augmentation. What should I do?

Eversince my surgery my left breast has always been sore and swollen until now that's more than 6 weeks already. When I went for my post op visit the nurse felt between my armpit and left breast and said she thinks I got a torn muscle. Now I feel pain from my left breast to my shoulder and my back. I am going to get MRI done tomorrow. Please (Doctors) kindly suggest what should I do. Does my implant have to come out? Please help. Thank you

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What to do?

I'm not sure what a "torn muscle" means. I don't know what an MRI is going to show other than possible fluid around the implant. In my opinion, unless the implant is broken or infected, I see no reason why this implant should have to come out. Sometimes, even several months out there can be neurogenic pain from the operation that has nothing to do with muscle. Hope everything works out for you.

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