I have had implants for 11 months now am wanting to size down. Would it be as simple as just changing the size?

Hi I am 46 and have had a breast lift and 550 cc under muscle silicon implants and am wanting to down size to a 450cc.

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Downsizing implants almost one year later

For many patients, downsizing their implants can be a very straightforward and well-tolerated procedure.  If you're going from 550 cc to 450 cc, staying in the same plane (under the muscle), do not need any adjustment of the implant pocket, and do not need any revision of your lift, it may be that simple.It depends on what your goals are with downsizing - if it is simply to be slightly smaller, then you may do well with just a simple implant exchange.  This is an important point to discuss with your surgeon - depending on your breasts and frame, downsizing by 100 cc may or may not make an appreciable difference in your results.  If you are looking for more perkiness or lift, your revision may require slightly more work surgically (adjusting the implant pocket or removing more skin/breast tissue) and may require more of a recovery.Check with your original surgeon if you can, to see what he/she recommends to address your concerns, or schedule a consultation with another experienced and board-certified surgeon - this is a situation that requires an in-person examination and some finesse to determine the best course of action.
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Implant downsizing

Without seeing photos it is difficult to answer your question accurately.  However, downsizing 100ccs should not be a major deal, and at 11 months after surgery, the timing is appropriate too.  Generally, the exchange would be done through your original incision and the recovery should be relatively easy.  You may need some internal pocket tightening, and there is a possibility you could need some external skin tightening too depending on your elasticity.  I would see your original surgeon to discuss things, although you could consider a second opinion if your original surgeon does not have a lot of experience in revision surgery.  Good luck!

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