300cc Breast Implant Removal, what are my options?

I had 300cc round implants in January 2014 in Thailand. They've caused me so much pain since and no scans or ultrasounds can pick up the issue. I believe its due to the wrong size implant being placed in the pocket as I was already a 12C prior and its dragging down on my tissue severely causing large amounts of pain I cannot even sleep without a bra. I do not have private health insurance but need these removed ASAP due to the pain. Doctors what are my options in Melbourne, Australia? Thank you!
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Painful breasts

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I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue.  It is best to seek the advice of an experienced plastic surgeon in your area.  You can have the implants removed, but depending on the situation it may be necessary to have the capsules out as well.  An examination by an expert will help lead you to your best options.

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Problems after overseas surgery

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Hi Samantha, sorry to hear you have problems, but unfortunately this is common after fly-in fly out surgery in Asia.

You should get a referral to see a local plastic surgeon, but it is unlikely that you will be able to have surgery in the public hospital system, as cosmetic surgery is not allowed.

Your GP should be able to recommend someone, or try the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeon.

Regards, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney

Breast implant removal/revision

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I am sorry to hear of your pain and outcome. It is best to see a PS in you area who can in person examine you and review the surgery you had and come up with an acceptable treatment plan to get your pain and symptoms taken care of. Best wishes,

Benjamin J. Cousins MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Best option revisionary breast surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. Ultimately, you will do best seeking in-person consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons in your area. Best to see plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients with aesthetic breast surgery.  Then, after careful physical examination you and your plastic surgeon will be able to come up with a good treatment plan.   Best wishes. 

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